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Worst Congressmen Update: Dick Pombo Ousted

Dick Pombo, the anti-environmentalist zealot, a man who worked to dismantle the endangered species act, sell off national parks, and crusaded to open ANWR to drilling, has been replaced by wind-energy consultant Jerry McNerny.

We touched on Curt "We Found the WMD" Weldon's fate last night. This conspiracy spouting nutjob, under federal investigation for corruption as well, has been replaced by Joe Sestak, a man whom if the Democrats have the sense god gave geese will give a national platform.

"Dollar" Bill Jefferson is imperiled — headed toward a runnoff in Louisiana.

The others, alas, have escaped the cleansing waters of the wave: Marilyn Musgrave was made to sweat. Denny Hastert looked awfully relieved to be returning to the House. But the others we profiled cruised to reelection. Though they've escaped the voters' wrath, here's hoping several of them are not so lucky with their Grand Juries.


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