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Week’s Funniest Political Tweets: Bill Maher, Seth Myers and More

Twitter may or may not be a mighty tool for political change, but it’s definitely been a boon to political humor. Below, some of the funniest tweets from the past week.

@BorowitzReport: “There’s one way Obama won’t be reelected, but that was supposed to happen May 21 and didn’t.”

@BillMaher: “Tim Pawlenty is in! I think we’ll all remember where we were when we didn’t give a shit.” 

@TheDailyShow: “Dear @BarackObama: We’re on vacation. Don’t do anything funny ’til we get back. #ccJoeBiden

@ToureX: “The GOP must choose between Romney, Pawlenty, Huntsman, and maybe Palin. Sounds like broccoli, broccoli or broccoli or maybe cheese doodles.”

@ConanOBrien: “It can’t be long before there’s an ‘Arab Spring’ soap.” 

@SarahKSilverman: “Israel & Palestine forced to work together, realize they’re not so different after all. #buddymovieformula

@BillMaher: “Glenn Beck is going to Israel? Haven’t they suffered enough?” 

@SethMeyers21: “Assuming Schwarzenegger had to come clean b/c there was a 10 year old benching 350.”

@HowardKurtz: “Slow day. Not a single Republican candidate has dropped out today. Maybe they’re all talking to their wives.”  


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