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Watch Stephen Colbert Size Up Donald Trump’s Penis Comment at Debate

“He guarantees if elected, the Republicans are the party of the big tent,” cracks ‘Late Show’ host

Stephen Colbert takes his job very seriously, and as such could not let last week’s Republican presidential debate/penis-measuring contest go unnoticed on The Late Show Monday. 

Colbert was off last Friday, and while Donald Trump’s reassurance about his “large hands” had been covered everywhere since, the comment still caused the host to endearingly flub his first attempt at this one-liner: “He guarantees if elected, the Republicans are the party of the big tent.”

Colbert went on to crack that the American public now had the right to know the size of Trump’s “executive branch” and remarked, “This is even worse than the the Lincoln-Douglas debate when Abraham Lincoln famously said, ‘No American, whether they be from North or South, free or slave, has ever complained about the size of my Lincoln log. And yes, the beard matches the drapes.'”

Colbert even presented a handy animated graphic to show just how far Trump’s comment had sunk American political discourse. It easily undercut the John Kerry swift-boat smear, Obama being a secret Muslim and John McCain’s illegitimate baby, went through the Earth’s surface, past the subway and “Hillary Clinton’s secret e-mail server,” and landed just above, “Onstage nut punch followed by closing statement delivered via one long burp.”

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