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Watch Stephen Colbert Bid Farewell to ‘Ambien-American’ Ben Carson

“Goodnight, sweet prince. That is assuming you were ever awake in the first place,” ‘Late Show’ host says of neurosurgeon

With each passing week, the number of candidates in the once-bloated Republican presidential race shrinks. “So little remain, you could count them on one of Trump’s teensy little doll hands,” Stephen Colbert said on Tuesday’s Late Show. The latest GOP hopeful to drop out was the perpetually drowsy Ben Carson, so Colbert gave the candidate his Hunger Games-inspired send-off.

“Retired neurosurgeon and Ambien-American Ben Carson announced he was leaving the race,” the costumed Colbert told the audience. “But his fall was not unexpected. He failed to win a single state on Super Tuesday, or on average Wednesday, and Carson told supporters he sees no path forward. Doctor, with your eyes closed, you can’t see anything forward,” joking about the candidate’s sleepy manner.

“When the brave doctor announced his campaign, he immediately set the tone with a rousing battle cry,” Colbert said before cutting to a clip of Carson telling supporters, “I’m not a politician, I don’t want to be a politician.” “Wish granted,” the host said before finally saying goodbye to Carson’s campaign. “Goodnight, sweet prince. That is assuming you were ever awake in the first place.”


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