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Watch Highlight Reel of Obama’s Most Embarrassing Moments

Video showcases eight years of stumbles, gaffes and hot mic moments at president’s final White House Correspondents’ Dinner

President Obama attended the final White House Correspondents’ Dinner of his presidency on Saturday night. To send him off, the press corps compiled a highlight reel of the president’s most embarrassing moments in the last eight years.

The montage featured the typically cool, composed Obama tripping over both stairs and words, erroneously admitting he was Muslim, missing basketball shots and mixing up members of the press mid-interview: calling Matt Lauer “Tim,” David Gregory “Matt,” and repeatedly referring to CBS News’ Major Garrett as “Garrett.”

The press corps needled Obama over his geographical gaffes (mispronouncing Massachusetts, boasting of visiting all 57 states), trotted out his most famous hot mic moments (when he called Kanye West a “jackass,” when he told then-Russian president Dmitry Medvedev he’d have “more flexibility” after his reelection) and recalled some of his most enduring fashion faux pas (the mom jeans, the tan suit).  

Don’t waste any pity on Obama, though. The president, who later walked out to the chorus of “Cups” (“When I’m gone / When I’m gone / You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone”), managed to fit a few good digs at press corps too — drawing particular attention to the excessive coverage it has lavished on Donald Trump.

“I don’t want to spend too much time on The Donald,” Obama said pointedly after cracking a few jokes at the mogul’s expense. “Following your lead, I want to show some restraint. Because I think we can all agree that from the start, he’s gotten the appropriate amount of coverage befitting the seriousness of his candidacy. Ha. I hope you all are proud of yourselves. The guy wanted to give his hotel business a boost and now we are praying that Cleveland makes it through July.”

President Obama mocked everybody at his final White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Watch here.

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