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Watch Colbert Imitate Bernie Sanders Complaining About ATM Fees

‘Late Show’ host delivers laundry list of Sanders-styled annoyances during hilarious bit

Bernie Sanders‘ presidential campaign has focused on fixing America’s big problems: income and wealth inequality, the high cost of college tuition, climate change. Now the Democratic Socialist is taking aim at a more everyday problem: outrageous ATM fees. Stephen Colbert poked fun at the senator’s latest platform in a hilarious Late Show bit on Wednesday, impersonating Sanders as he rails against all his personal annoyances. 

Noting that “Americans have stopped ‘Feeling the Bern’ and are now feeling more of a mild chafing sensation,” Colbert cuts to a clip from a January 5th Sanders rally, where he tells the audience, “Americans are paying four or five dollars in fees every time they go to the ATM.” Channeling the Senator’s flat, no-nonsense delivery, Colbert outlines what injustices he could target next. 

“In my view, supermarket receipts are too long,” he says. “There are too many coupons for the things I don’t want. I don’t even use Nivea. In my view, you should not put my cup of coffee in a plastic bag. It’s just gonna tilt and spill out, then I’m stuck with a hot, wet bag.”

The host emphasizes that Sanders’ original gripe is justified, noting, “The average fee for using an out-of-network ATM is now $4.50 … Last year, service and ATM fees made the banks $34 billion. But it’s fair – because just like you, when they withdraw that $34 billion, they have to pay a $4.50 fee.” 


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