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Watch Colbert Create Fake Government Agencies for Trump to Shut Down

‘Late Show’ host mocks Republican frontrunner for promising to eliminate nonexistent “Department of Environmental”

Stephen Colbert recapped Tuesday’s big Wisconsin primary on The Late Show Wednesday, homing in on Donald Trump’s latest controversial policy proposal: Eliminating nonexistent government agencies.

During a Fox News interview Monday, Trump promised to shut down wasteful government agencies such as “the Department of Environmental,” noting, “the D.E.P is killing us environmentally, it’s just killing our businesses.”

“Yes absolutely,” Colbert cracked. “Even the abbreviation is wasteful, because that ‘P’ does not stand for anything.”

Considering the D.E.P. does not exist as a federal agency, Colbert suggested either Trump was “talking out of his ass,” or the Republican frontrunner had already, impressively, eliminated it. If so, Colbert came up with a few other wasteful departments that were sure to get the axe from President Trump: The Federal Bureau of Moneying, the Environmental Erection Agency, the U.S. Steak Department, the Department of Justins — with an emblem featuring Timberlake and Bieber, of course — and the Department of Health and Human Centipedes.


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