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Watch Bernie Sanders’ Brother Get Choked Up With Pride for His Sibling

“I cry because I think of what it would mean to my parents,” Larry Sanders says of his brother’s success

Bernie Sanders isn’t the only leftist politician in the family: His older brother, Larry, held local office in the U.K. for many years, and this spring ran (unsuccessfully) for Parliament on the Green Party ticket.

Larry recently sat down with Rolling Stone to discuss what it means to him to see his brother – “Bernard,” he calls him – become a beloved political figure in the United States.

“It’s very strange, it’s very deep… I cry because I think of what it would mean to my parents,” he says, getting choked up. “I think it would be marvelous if I had a brother who was successful and doing great things. But to have a brother who’s doing great things for the reasons he’s doing [them], with the possible impact that Bernard is having…”

He goes on, “Bernard’s election would be a world historical event, in a very difficult time, when things are going bad in lots of countries. So to have a brother who could stand in the way of that, and make that kind of world difference, is very hard to absorb.”

Watch for more from Rolling Stone‘s interview with Larry Sanders soon.


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