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Watch Ben Carson Do Terrible Job Defending Trump on ‘The View’

“There is no perfect person,” Carson said of Trump’s racism and sexism

The hosts of ABC’s The View welcomed Ben Carson to the set Thursday morning and proceeded to subject themselves to the mind-numbing madness of attempting to reason with a Donald Trump supporter. Over the course of six minutes, the hosts gave Carson opportunities to deny that Trump is a racist, sexist liar. He id not take one of them!

“I’m sure you get this question a lot, but why did you endorse Donald Trump?” Whoopi Goldberg asked.

“Well, you know, when I dropped out my first choice went with me,” Carson said — and everyone laughed at the joke that Carson was running an actual presidential campaign and not an elaborate direct-mail scam.

She tried again: But what about his demonstrated penchant for both racism and sexism — doesn’t that bother you? “You’re Ben Carson — why would you align yourself with that?” Goldberg asked.

“You have to look at the” — Carson paused, fighting, one imagines, the urge to say fruit salad of their lives — “good and the bad. There is no perfect person.”

Trump made membership to his private club, Mar-a-Lago, open to both Jews and Blacks, Carson offered anemically. Whoopi guffawed; her co-host, Sunny Hostin, swatted the idea down, adding Trump also was sued by the Justice Department for not allowing blacks onto his properties. “The idea that he is a fan of the African American community is, I think, a little off-base,” Hostin suggested.

Whoopi was more blunt. “This guy, I’m sorry ,sir, he’s a racist! And he’s not good for the country.”

“What’s the alternative?” Carson asked.

“You’re Ben Carson! You’re so much better than this!” she said

“I am Ben Carson,” he admitted.

“Could I focus only on racial issues? Absolutely. Could I only focus on women’s issues? Absolutely. I could look at any one little thing and pick anybody apart on it, but right now the nature of country is at stake.”

In the end, it was probably Raven-Symoné, who, without uttering a single word the entire segment, summed up the sentiment on-set best with her amazing side-eye.

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