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Watch Barack Obama, Bear Grylls Go Rogue, Feast on Salmon Carcass

“Bear’s a mediocre cook, but the fact that we ate something recognizable was encouraging,” president cracks

Barack Obama feasts on the carcass of a half-eaten salmon with Bear Grylls in the first clip from his Alaskan adventure with the outdoorsman, set to air this fall on NBC’s Running Wild With Bear Grylls, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Today aired the new footage, which was shot during Obama’s recent three-day trip to Alaska, where he addressed the growing effects of climate change in the state and their consequent global implications. But amidst his politicking, Obama joined Grylls for a sojourn through the Alaskan wilderness.

“As president, I am in what’s called the bubble, and Secret Service makes sure that I’m always out of danger, which I very much appreciate, but it can be a little confining,” Obama said. “Every once in a while, if I do something unexpected, the phrase we use is, ‘The bear is loose,’ so to be with Bear in the woods, it doesn’t get any better than that.”

Despite his enthusiasm, the president showed some apprehension as Grylls removed the salmon from his backpack and explained that it had already been enjoyed, partially, by a bear. While the bear, Grylls added, had eaten the fish’s fatty bits (eggs, brain, skin), there was still plenty of meat left — and it more or less fit Obama’s chief culinary criterion.

“Bear’s a mediocre cook, but the fact that we ate something recognizable was encouraging,” the president cracked. “Now, the fact that he told me this was a leftover fish from a bear, I don’t know if that was necessary. He could have just left that out.”

Running Wild — in which Grylls treks through the outdoors with celebrities — is currently in its second season. An airdate for the President’s episode has yet to be announced, though it’s expected to arrive this fall.


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