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Washout Wednesday: The Tsunami Tuesday Aftermath

  • Ding Dong. Mitt Romney’s dead.
  • Holy Huckabee. We were sure Huckabee was, ahem, cock-blocking Romney’s shot at the GOP nomination. It appears the dynamic was, in fact, reversed.
  • McCain now looks inevitable. But imagine for a moment that Huckabee had stolen Oklahoma an Missouri away from Mac last night. Then we’d truly be talking up the Huckabee resurrection … and the fact that the only Red state John McCain actually won was his home state of Arizona.
  • Clinton wins big in California. Delegates, shmelegates. She won the sexiest prize on the table tonight. Far from home. Convincingly. Thanks to overwhelming Hispanic support. Sí se puede.
  • Obama did what he needed to do tonight — he won in the blackest and the whitest contests. Kansas and Georgia. North Dakota and Alabama. Alaska and Delaware. The comparisons to Jesse Jackson are over.
  • He emerged with not only a draw in delegates, but also cobbled together geographically impressive wins in bellwether Missouri, and in Clinton’s backyard, Connecticut.
  • While Obama has proven he’s not simply the black candidate, Clinton emerged tonight very much as the female candidate, with her margin of victory again and again coming from the votes of women.
  • John Edwards oddly picked up at least 5 percent of the vote in Arizona and California. Early absentee votes? Or stubborn voters?


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