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Video Shows Man in MAGA Hat Blasting Anti-Trump Protesters With Bear Repellent

After ten minutes of the groups exchanging taunts and chants then “everything went to crap,” police said

screenshot of video showing people fighting on a pier with a mist of bear spray around themscreenshot of video showing people fighting on a pier with a mist of bear spray around them


On the Santa Monica Pier in California on Saturday, video captured a man in a MAGA hat showering anti-Trump protesters with bear repellent.

According to the Los Angeles Times, anti-Trump protesters were met by a group of Trump supporters after moving from the beach to the pier. Santa Monica police Sgt. D. Hicks said after approximately ten minutes of exchanging taunts and chants, “everything went to crap.”

A video posted to YouTube shows a man wearing a red “Make America Great Again” hat approaching the anti-Trump protesters and then dousing the crowd with a steady stream of what police say was bear repellent.

While some anti-Trump protesters were screaming and others scattered in an attempt to avoid the spray, the man in the MAGA hat went towards an anti-Trump protester who was being held on the ground by Trump supporters and sprayed him.

The video also shows that before the man in the MAGA hat was arrested, he pled with police, claiming anti-Trump protesters attacked him, calling them “fucking libtards” and “commies.” The video showed no such thing.

Police said that the man had a “fairly extensive” criminal record. And after viewing the video, they believe another man may have also sprayed the crowd too. None of the protesters were seriously injured.

News that connects violence and those who support President Donald Trump is a common occurrence. Just last week a video surfaced that depicted a fake Trump massacring members of the news media. The video was shown during a conference at one of the president’s resorts in Miami.

With an impeachment inquiry underway, Trump has ratcheted up his rhetoric, going after the whistleblower and tweeting about a civil war, which some think could provoke armed extremists who support him to be moved to public violence.

A single incident in California cannot be laid at the feet of the president, but it is concerning that the man in the White House does more to stoke anger and fear within his most unstable supporters than he does to calm them.

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