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Tucker Carlson and Guest Bash ‘Gay-Friendly,’ ‘Woman-Friendly’ Military

“We need a military full of type-A men who want to sit on a throne of Chinese skulls,” Jesse Kelly said

Tucker Carlson and Guest Decry 'Gay-Friendly' and 'Woman-Friendly' U.S. MilitaryTucker Carlson and Guest Decry 'Gay-Friendly' and 'Woman-Friendly' U.S. Military


Tucker Carslon and his guest, Jesse Kelly, attacked President Joe Biden’s newly confirmed Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for seeing value in federally mandated military gender advisors.

Carlson on Friday played a clip of Admiral Christopher Grady, a decorated serviceman, saying that he would value working with the military’s gender advisors if confirmed. According to U.S. Southern Command, gender advisors “identify how gender affects military operations” and help “integrate gender perspectives into operations and plans” as required by the the Women, Peace, and Security Act of 2017 and the U.S. National Action Plan on Women, Peace, and Security. This role was created because women and girls are not only inordinately affected by violent conflict, they also play an integral role in promoting peace.

“I look forward to leveraging those advisers who can make me think better and smarter,” Grady said of gender advisors during his confirmation hearing.

Carlson and Kelly apparently don’t believe the military can incorporate gender and gender-based violence in its planning of its operations while at the same time confronting the threats posed by China and Russia.

“This guy claims to be an admiral,” Carlson said of Grady, demonstrating the utmost respect to the troops, after playing the clip of Grady. “The question really is: Will the gender advisors [that] Christopher Grady is in favor of make our military better?” the host asked, defining better as “more fearsome” and not, perhaps, more capable of creating lasting peace.

“Do you think the key to remaining competitive with the Chinese military is more gender advisers?” Carlson asked.

“Oh, there’s no question, Tucker,” Kelly, a right-wing pundit, replied sarcastically. “I mean, China right now, and Russia, they’re both testing hypersonic missiles that can turn New York City to ash. Russia is actually developing and has developed satellites that can push our satellites out of orbit and cripple our military. Our military, though, they’re focused on the important things. We want to focus on climate change, and we definitely have to make sure there are enough tampons in the restrooms at the Pentagon.”

“That’s kinda what they’re saying,” Carlson replied. “There’s a psychological term for this, and it escapes my memory at the moment, but where there’s a massive real threat that you can’t deal with, so you scurry off and deal with imaginary threats to make yourself feel in control. That kind of feels like what we’re watching.”

Kelly went full hyperbole, claiming we are witnessing “the destruction of the U.S. military.”

“What we’re going to end up seeing, Tucker, is thousands, tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of Americans die,” he continued. “That’s those are the stakes of the game we’re playing here.”

There’s a clear and present threat that has already killed hundreds of thousands of Americans, of course: Covid-19. Carlson has been ignoring the reality of this threat for many months, including Friday night when he railed about “hysteria” over the disease. There’s a psychological terms for this type of thing, in which there’s “a massive real threat that you can’t deal with, so you scurry off and deal with imaginary threats to make yourself feel in control.”  The term escapes us, though. Let’s just call it Tucker Syndrome.

Later in the interview, Kelly said, “We don’t need a military that’s woman-friendly, that’s gay friendly.” Instead, he said, the military needs “type-A” men “who want to sit on a throne of Chinese skulls.” Carlson nodded in agreement.

“But we don’t have that now,” Kelly whined. “We can’t get women off of naval vessels, that should be step one but most are pregnant anyway.”

Kelly has espoused this kind of misogynistic drivel for years. In 2018, he penned an op-ed in The Federalist in which he wrote, “Female soldiers are sleeping with the men they work with, and they are getting pregnant.” Kelly only cited one incident of a not-pregnant woman Marine who was found to be sleeping with a subordinate as evidence of this alleged trend. He then went on to claim men were “created to be protectors” and that the military was “a man’s environment” as reasons women shouldn’t be allowed in the infantry.

It’s rich Carlson and Kelly chose to single out Grady as among those in the military who don’t “give a crap about America,” as Kelly put it, when, as Breaking Defense noted, Grady stands out from past nominees to this position because he was not a Pentagon-based administrator. He spent most of his career on operational deployment — in other words, defending America while in harm’s way. He ultimately rose to become head of Fleet Forces Command.

Plus, in playing the clip of Grady discussing gender issues, Carlson ignored when the admiral actually did speak about the threat China’s military capacity poses during the hearing, saying, “China’s breakout is … spectacular and indeed, breathtaking. Therefore, we need to be postured to address that issue, need to think about how we would proceed with deterrence. … And deterrence then, I think, builds on that strong nuclear triad that we just talked about. And so the modernization of the nuclear triad will be the underpinning of that deterrence effort against two nuclear competitors.”

In addressing the Russia threat, Grady told the senators that the U.S. should refurbish its nuclear arsenal and asked for funding to do so. “I think that stable and predictable and adequate funding is important and that it needs to keep pace with the threat and inflation,” Grady said.

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