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TSOL’s Grisham Runs for Gov.

Veteran punk rocker takes aim at Arnold

Despite having once recorded a song titled “Abolish Government,”
TSOL’s Jack Grisham has joined Arnold Schwarzenegger and many
others in the race for California governor.

“TSOL were always a big anti-government band,” Grisham says of
punk rockers, who formed in 1978, “but we’re a pro-populace

A vote to recall the state’s current governor, Gray Davis, is
set for October 7th, one month after TSOL [True Sounds of Liberty]
release their new album, Divided We Stand. If the
referendum passes, Grisham would join more than 500 potential
candidates. The singer, who is an Independent, is centering his
campaign platform on health-care reform and immigrant rights.

Grisham argues that his difficult life experiences make him best
able to understand the needs of his potential constituency. “I’ve
been in jail, I’ve been arrested, I’ve been screwed up on drugs,”
he says. “That separates me from the other candidates.”

Unfortunately, Grisham may not be able to count on his audience
for support. “Most of the people that see our band aren’t allowed
to vote,” he quips, “’cause they’re all felons.”


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