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Truthers Fight Back!

9/11 conspiracy theorists come out of the woodwork–crazy as ever.

The remains of WTC 7 on September 12, 2001.


Okay, so, predictably, the 9/11 Truthers came out of the woodwork kicking and screaming, after I compared them to my friend’s brain-damaged dog. I know I said I would leave this stuff alone, but… I can’t! It’s just too maddening!

Here’s what one letter-writer wrote:

…you continually talk about the lack of concrete evidence and yet you ignore things like the fact [here he provides a link] that several news networks including the BBC reported the collapse of WTC7 before it even fell down.

I clicked on the link the letter-writer included. There was a site reporting that on the day of the attacks, a BBC correspondent named Jane Standley appeared to say that “the 47-story Salomon Brothers building close to the World Trade Center has also collapsed” at 5:09 p.m., some 23 minutes before the actual collapse of WTC, or so I’m told.

This is offered as evidence of the “controlled demolition” of WTC. As the site,, writes:

Of the two principle [sic] theories of WTC 7’s collapse — one being global structural failure due to prior debris impact and ongoing fire damage, and the other being controlled demolition — the second is favored by foreknowledge of the collapse. This is particularly true given the lack of precedent of total collapses of steel framed structures during fires.

So I’m sitting there, thinking about the meaning of this, trying to put myself in the shoes of someone who might take this sort of thing seriously. It occurs to me that this is their interpretation of events:

1)     Some group of conspirators mined WTC7 for some mysterious reason. The “Why?” question is not often addressed with WTC7, but some popular theories for motive include the destruction of SEC case files and also the elimination of Secret Service documents (both agencies had offices in the building). You know, because knocking down WTC7 as part of a gigantic mass-murder conspiracy that includes 19 Middle Eastern patsies committing four jumbo jet hijackings across multiple states is the quickest way to short-circuit all those thousands of tough investigations of American financial criminals that have been going on. Especially since there are no such things as computers and all of this dangerous evidence against these defendants would have been kept on paper only, in that one location – and the collapse of the building would have been guaranteed to destroy all of it.

2)    Anyway, having decided to knock down WTC7, those same conspirators then sent out scripts to all the major news networks, informing them when the various buildings would be knocked down. Anchors would have been instructed to read out the collapse of WTC7 sometime after 5:32 or whatever.

3)    The networks eagerly agree, but screw up their part of the plan. BBC Correspondent Jane Standley, a British national who is either knowingly or unknowingly a part of the conspiracy, fucks things up and announces the collapse of WTC7 23 minutes early! Awkwar-r-r-r-d!

4)    The building, mined in advance, collapses on time, exacerbating Standley’s error.

5)    The world goes on pretending that this wasn’t a major slip-up that should have laid bare to all the seamy underbelly of the conspiracy!

Help me out, Truthers. Exactly why would the conspirators tell Jane Standley and/or the BBC in advance about the collapse of WTC7? Is it so the news networks wouldn’t forget to report the collapse of a 47-story building? I mean, if the buildings are going to collapse anyway, wouldn’t it make more sense just to let the networks, you know, cover that as it happened? It would seem to have more, well, verisimilitude that way, wouldn’t it? The only thing giving them the script in advance does is introduce the possibility of them inadvertently revealing the conspiracy on the air.

But why not, I guess, when we’re dealing with a bunch of people who ostensibly got together, decided to mine WTC7 to destroy evidence in an SEC case (as part of a larger conspiracy to incite America to launch foreign wars of conquest by knocking down the Twin Towers), then knocked on the doors of all the networks and handed them scripts, telling them the building was going to fall down at 5:32 p.m… I mean, what the fuck? Am I losing my mind? How can you not see how crazy that is?


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