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Trump Whines About Fox Coverage As Fox Hosts Gush Over Him

“That was pretty awesome,” Brian Kilmeade said about speaking to the president

Trump Whines About Fox Coverage As Fox Hosts Gush Over HimTrump Whines About Fox Coverage As Fox Hosts Gush Over Him


During an election day interview on Fox, Trump moaned about the way the network has covered him during the current election cycle. And although the hosts pushed back slightly while the president whined, they ended the interview in their usual sycophant style by wishing Trump luck in securing another term in office and then gushing that he called into the show, calling it “awesome.”

Likely triggered by host Brian Kilmeade’s mention of former president Barack Obama’s recent scorching of the president on the campaign trail over his response to the pandemic, Trump ignored the question and instead went after the network for broadcasting Obama’s comments in the first place.

First Trump talked about the crowds that have attended Obama’s campaign events in support of Joe Biden, saying that “he’s drawing flies.” But then Trump put his focus on Fox, making for a brief but awkward defensive moment for the hosts.

“Actually, Fox puts [Obama] on more than anybody else, which is sort of shocking to me, cause Fox has changed a lot,” Trump said. “And somebody said, ‘What’s the biggest difference between this [election cycle] and four years ago?’ And I say, ‘Fox, it’s much different.’ You still have great people–you’re three of them.”

Kilmeade tried to interrupt to defend the network, saying, “We just want to show both sides. Unlike the other networks.” Kilmeade then brought the conversation back to Obama, asking, “Does he get under your skin?”

But the president wasn’t having it and pushed forward with his complaint about how Fox has changed and yearned for the days when the now-deceased Roger Ailes ran the network.

“In the old days, [Fox] wouldn’t put sleepy Joe Biden on every time he opened his mouth. You know, they had other networks for that, frankly. It was run, it was a much different operation. I’m just telling you, it’s much different,” the president said.

Trump then gave a shoutout to some of his besties on Fox.

“You know, you have great people when you have Sean [Hannity] and you have Laura [Ingraham] and, you know, yourselves and you have some incredible people. I’m just saying, Tucker [Carlson] has been great… you really have incredible people,” Trump said.

But aside from all of the Trump-supporting hosts, the president said he still doesn’t think the propaganda network is pulling its weight to get him reelected while insisting that he’s “not complaining.”

“It’s much different. I can name some of your side players and you’ll interview—you had a period of time, I think you’re still doing it, but you had Democrats on more than you had Republicans. Look, it’s different, you know. I’m not complaining. I’m just telling people it’s one of the biggest differences this season compared to last,” the president said.

Trump added that even without the same support from Fox that he received in 2016, his campaign has “done actually much better,” calling it a “miracle campaign.”

Ignoring that the president just dunked on their network in front of them, the hosts of Fox and Friends maintained their form and ended the interview seemingly downright giddy that Trump phoned in and spoke to them.

Kilmeade: Well Mr. President… best of luck in getting four more years.

Steve Doocy: Great.

Kilmeade: Pretty awesome.

Steve Doocy: That was pretty awesome.

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