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Trump to America: ‘Right Now You Have It Made. You Are So Lucky I’m Your President’

The president attacked Joe Biden, claiming with no proof that all holidays will disappear, “There will be no nothing. There will be no future”

Trump Warns of a Vast Nothingness if He LosesTrump Warns of a Vast Nothingness if He Loses


Subtly was never something Trump seemed to take interest in and during his Friday rally in Michigan, the president took his abrasive act to farcical levels while trying to paint a bleak picture of American society with Joe Biden in the White House.

After first whining about the media not understanding his sarcasm, Trump pivoted to an over-the-top attack of Joe Biden that could only be deemed rational if the president was being sarcastic, but his angry tone made it clear his message was to be taken seriously.

The president’s lie-filled rant started with how Biden would deal with the pandemic.

“Joe Biden’s plan will delay the vaccine, postpone therapies, crash the economy and shut down our entire country,” Trump said.

Trump continued by framing Biden as someone who will take away much of what is already limited because of the president’s mishandling of the virus response.

“There will be no school, no graduations, no weddings, no Thanksgivings, no Christmas, no, Fourth of July. There will be no nothing. There will be no future,” the president said.

As the crowd booed, the president continued to fearmonger with descriptions of America under a President Biden.

“Biden wants to keep everyone locked up,” Trump said, adding, “He wants to steal the dreams and the futures of our youngest citizens.”

Later Friday afternoon the president took his carnival act to Wisconsin and told his supporters that Biden will take away their heat and air conditioning.

“There will be no heating in the winter, no air conditioning in the summer, and no electricity,” Trump said.

Trump concluded his hysteria by saying you should count your blessings that he’s in charge.

“Right now you have it made. You are so lucky. You are so lucky I’m your president,” Trump said.

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