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Trump Sycophant Lindsey Graham Says ‘Whistleblower’ Is From the ‘Deep State’

“This thing’s gonna stink to high heaven,” the Republican senator from South Carolina said of the impeachment inquiry

Earlier this week, South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham seemed at a loss on how to proceed in defending President Donald Trump on the Ukrainian scam. When asked if he’d read key portions of recent transcripts of the ongoing impeachment inquiry, Graham said, “I’ve written the whole process off. I think this is a bunch of B.S.”

Graham, an ardent Trump defender, also seemed to say that the president and his cronies are too incompetent even to attempt the extortion plan, saying that the administration’s Ukraine policy was “incoherent,” adding, “They seem to be incapable of forming a quid pro quo.”

So, the over-the-top Trump sycophant decided to go full Alex Jones and has turned to conspiracy theories to take heat off of the president. On Sunday, Graham told fellow Trump ally and Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo that the whistleblower, who initially brought the Ukrainian scandal to light, is part of the fictional entity called the deep state while also accusing Democratic House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff of wrongdoing.

“When you find out who is the whistleblower is, I’m confident, you’re gonna find out it’s somebody from the deep state. You’re gonna find out find they had interactions with [Adam] Schiff and this thing’s gonna stink to high heaven,” Graham said.

With public hearings set to begin next week, we can expect more of the same from the president’s defenders. Trump’s actions have given them few other options.


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