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With 23 Days to Go, Trump Still Doesn’t Know What He’ll Do if Re-Elected

The president also said that he feels “fantastically” and that he’s free from the virus and has a “protective glow” of immunity

With 23 Days to Go, Trump Still Doesn’t Know What He’ll Do if Re-ElectedWith 23 Days to Go, Trump Still Doesn’t Know What He’ll Do if Re-Elected


The president continued his propaganda interview tour on Saturday morning by calling into one of Fox’s most Trump-friendly hosts, Maria Bartiromo. Since leaving Walter Reed Medical Center on Monday, Trump has done nothing but cushy interviews with sycophants Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, and now twice with Bartiromo.

Trump told the host that he is not only free of the virus but also claimed, without providing any proof, that he is immune.

“It seems like I’m immune… it looks like I’m immune for, I don’t know, maybe a for a long time and maybe a short time. It could be a lifetime. Nobody really knows. But I’m immune. So the president is in very good shape to fight the battle,” Trump said.

The president continued to boast about supposedly testing negative for Covid-19 on Saturday, saying that he “beat the crazy, horrible China virus.”

“Even yesterday, I knew I was free. I beat this crazy, horrible China virus. And it also gives you immunity. I mean, it does give you immunity,” the president said.

Trump continued, saying that he feels “fantastically” and that he now has a “protective glow” of immunity.

“I passed the highest test, the highest standards and I’m in great shape. And I have to tell you, I feel fantastically. I really feel good,” he said, “And I even feel good by the fact that, you know, the word immunity means something having a really, a protective glow. It means something. I think is very important to have that. To have that is a very important thing.”

Bartiromo then spoonfed the president a question about what he’d look to accomplish if he were to serve a second term. The host provided him a list of mostly economy-related topics to choose from, but Trump talked around what should be a layup question and instead insisted that states need to open up — ignoring that many states have seen an uptick in coronavirus cases.

Bartiromo: Mr. President, let’s turn to policy. I’d like to ensure that the American people understand your policy proposals. Should you have a second term. I want to talk about taxes, economy, health care. Give us your proposals, your plans to get the economy back to where it was before covered arrived when we had a 3.5 percent unemployment rate back in February. What do you want to do in terms of your policies in a second term, sir?

Trump: Well, the first thing we have to do is open up our country. You can’t keep all these states closed up, the Democrat states, and they’re not doing well and the country is doing well.

The president continued to avoid the question, saying that schools need to open up and falsely claiming that children are immune from the virus.

“You’ve got to get the kids back in school. And if you look at 99.9 percent with children, I mean, their immune systems are very strong,” Trump said.

The president, while still not saying anything about what he’d look to accomplish if re-elected, instead floated a bullshit conspiracy theory about how Democrats are purposely keeping states closed to hurt his chances of winning.

“And by the way, after the election, about two minutes after the election, they’ll announce that they’re opening. They know what they’re doing. Look, they know what they’re doing. And it’s a disgrace,” the president fear-mongered.

Back in June, Trump, again in the friendly arms of Sean Hannity, could not answer the same question about his future plans for a second term. And in August he struggled with the topic when asked by the New York Times.

Finally and fittingly, Bartiromo asked Trump if there are UFOs.

Bartiromo: Can you explain why the Department of Defense has set up a UFO task force? Here’s what I’ve got from The Guardian: ‘The U.S. Department of Defense has formed a new body to investigate what it calls unidentified aerial phenomena to monitor reported sightings of what most people call UFOs. Mr. President, as we wrap up here, are there UFOs?

Trump: Well, I’m going to have to check on that, I mean, I’ve heard that, I’ve heard that two days ago, so I’ll check on that. I’ll take a good, strong look at that.


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