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Super Spreader Trump Holds White House Event, Puts Supporters at Risk

The 500 or so who attended the event did not practice social distancing and many were without masks as they listened to Trump lie, saying the virus “is disappearing”

In his first public event since leaving Walter Reed Medical Center this week, President Trump who continues to remain silent about whether he is now free of the virus, instead, dangerously called on his supporters to gather on the South Lawn of the White House on Saturday to hear him deliver hateful remarks directed at his political opponents.

Trump shared nothing new during the nearly 20-minute speech but presumably felt his presence alone was worth the risk of motivating 500 or so of his cult followers to attend an event where they stood close together, many without masks, to hear their Dear Leader lie to them, saying the virus “is disappearing.”

Trump began by telling the crowd — who greeted him with chants of “USA!” — that he is “feeling great,” and thanked them for their prayers. The president then quickly pivoted into attack mode, saying that he’s planning campaign rallies again because, “We cannot allow our country to become a socialist nation.”

Trump attempted to stoke fear in the crowd when talking about Joe Biden and Democrats. “If the left gains power, they will launch a nationwide crusade against law enforcement,” the president said. Trump then used an oft-repeated lie of his, claiming Biden will not say whether or not he supports “law and order.” But the president heard Biden literally use those exact words during the debate late last month.

Trump went on to call Democrats “communists” while laughing when he heard some from the crowd yell out the false label.

The president called those in attendance “peaceful protesters” but never said what they were protesting. And he claimed that the crowd “marched to the White House” when they did no such thing. In fact, some in attendance “had their travel and lodging paid for by controversial conservative activist Candace Owens,” according to ABC News. And Trump thanked Owens from the balcony several times. According to the report, a plan is in place for the crowd to hold a “demonstration at Black Lives Matter Plaza” following Trump’s speech.

Trump claimed that “enthusiasm” for his candidacy has surpassed that of his 2016 run for office “by a factor of three times,” a metric that is likely fabricated and doesn’t lineup with national and swing-state polling that shows him in deep trouble.

The president also lied again about his always-in-the-works health care plan that he said “is happening and it’s happening fast.”

Before saying goodbye to his adoring fans, Trump told them that Democrats are against religion and that he is “very proud of this country.”

The president will take his Covid-19 spreading act on the road, announcing plans for a rally in Florida on Monday. Whether the public will know if he is free of the virus by then is unknown.

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