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Trump Thinks Supporters Need Website to School ‘Liberal Snowflakes’ at Christmas

“This year, don’t let them get away with it,” Trump’s campaign manager tweeted

Donald Trump next to "How to Win an Argument"Donald Trump next to "How to Win an Argument"

Brad Parscale, President Donald Trump’s campaign manager, promoted a new campaign site aimed at helping supporters beat that “liberal snowflake relative who starts an argument and then runs and hides” during “Christmas and ‘holiday time.’”

Parscale linked to the site via Twitter on Tuesday, writing, “We know that at Christmas and holiday time, there’s always that liberal snowflake relative who starts an argument and then runs and hides. This year, don’t let them get away with it. Be like @realDonaldTrump and keep winning!”

The site’s subtle URL,, directs those looking to triumph over a relative or loved one during a political Christmas Day argument to topics like immigration, Trump’s wall, the economy, and, in all caps, “BIG GOVERNMENT SOCIALISM.”

Some argument-winning tips include encouragement like: “Don’t let crazy family members and friends get away with throwing out liberal talking points and faux ‘feelings.’”

On health care, the site suggests that Trump supporters should use the DMV as a comparison, “Ask your relative if they like going to the DMV? Now tell them to imagine the government controlling their healthcare system because that’s exactly what it would be like.”

The site also wants Trump supporters to know that they understand how tough they have it, especially this time of year, writing, “Holidays are rough – especially when Democrats and liberal members of your family try and tell you fake news media spun lies about President Trump and his accomplishments.”

The site reminds supporters that although there will be good times during their visits with family and friends, liberals in denial of Trump’s greatness will always be around to spoil things, writing, “Family holidays. Full of love. Full of laughter. And full of the inevitable conversations with the family liberal who just does not want to believe how great America is doing with President Trump in office.”

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