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Trump Blathers About ‘Little Tiny Fish’ and ‘Tiny Little Windows’ During Hannity Interview

The president ducked questions about being tested for Covid-19 and absurdly claimed that Joe Biden would turn America into a “ninth world country”

Trump Talks ‘Little Tiny Fish’ and ‘Tiny Little Windows’ With HannityTrump Talks ‘Little Tiny Fish’ and ‘Tiny Little Windows’ With Hannity

Little Fishes

Photo Illustration by Joe Rodriguez: Photographs used: Paul Strowger/Getty Images (bowl & fish); Evan Vucci/AP Images

President Trump is using the soft terrain over at Fox to restart campaigning after his contracting Covid-19 and spending several days at Walter Reed hospital.

Trump called into two sycophants on Thursday. First, he spoke with Maria Bartiromo in a grueling, for viewers, 55-minute-long unhinged Q&A. He followed that bonkers interview with a scattered and evasive primetime call with superfan Sean Hannity.

The president covered most of the same ground during both interviews. But his ducking of Hannity’s multiple questions about whether Trump has been tested since he was diagnosed with Covid-19 was alarming, especially considering how Trump repeatedly coughed throughout the interview and said that he hoped to hold a rally in Florida this Saturday.

But the two interviews differed on the topic of Joe Biden’s climate change proposals. When Hannity asked about his opponent’s plans, Trump went on a rant about “tiny fish” and “tiny little windows.”

“Well, it’s a deal that was conceived up by not smart people, AOC plus three and others. But I don’t even think they had any experience in the environment,” Trump said, adding, “I mean, they literally want to take buildings down and rebuild them with tiny little windows. OK, little windows so you can’t see out, can’t see the light.”

The president continued saying that with Biden in control, America will become a “ninth world country.”

“Our country will be a ninth world country, not a third world country, a ninth world country. We won’t have energy,” the president said, “Look at where California is going to have to ration water. You know why? Because they said millions of gallons of water out to sea out to the Pacific because they want to take care of certain little tiny fish that aren’t doing very well without water, to be honest with you.”

Trump has been incoherently railing against California protecting “tiny fish” since his 2016 presidential campaign. He’s likely referring to the delta smelt, a small protected fish species that is in danger of extinction. Delta smelt live in the Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta, which supplies fresh drinking and irrigation water to a large portion of the state. Restrictions limit when water can be drawn from the delta in an effort to protect the species and the ecosystem as a whole. The smelt are what scientists call an “indicator species,” meaning the health of the delta smelt population is used as an indicator for the health of the entire delta.

And Trump’s “tiny little windows” complaint seems to be thoroughly meritless. According to Politifact, Biden’s climate plan “doesn’t mention windows.”

At one point during the interview, Trump did say something where everyone can agree: “The whole thing is so crazy. It’s such a crazy thing.”

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