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The Only U.S. President to Be Impeached Twice Calls Biden ‘Worst President in History’

“I think you have to say an F, not an F+, it would be an F,” Donald Trump said on Fox News when asked to grade the current president

By many measures Donald Trump was not a great president. He used the office for his own financial gain; he implemented cruel and racist immigration policies; he failed to take the pandemic seriously and did not do enough to slow its spread; and he tried to overthrow the government by stoking a violent insurrection.

But in Trump’s opinion, President Biden has had the “worst presidency in history,” the former president told Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro in an interview that aired on the network Saturday night.

“It’s probably the worst presidency in history,” Trump said of Biden. “I used to say Jimmy Carter. Not a fan of Bush getting us into the Middle East, to be honest with you. I think this is the worst in the history of our country,” Trump added, going on to speak about the messy departure from Afghanistan (which Trump’s administration negotiated) and the U.S.-Mexico border crisis, where Biden is continuing a Trump-era deportation policy.

“What grade would you give the Biden administration?” Pirro asked Trump.

“I think you have to say an F. And not an F+, it would be an F,” Trump replied. “It’s a failed administration. It’s a disaster. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Trump added, unbelievably, “I wish he’d do well.” Sure, Don.

Later in the interview, Pirro asked Trump about the coronavirus vaccine, which he, of course, took credit for creating as if he were in the lab himself, laboring over test tubes and petri dishes. “I got the vaccine done — three vaccines — in less than nine months. They said it would probably take five years, and I got it done.”

But then Trump quickly pivoted to say people “shouldn’t be forced” to take the vaccine that he credits himself for.

It’s true that Biden’s approval ratings are not high at the moment. In fact, there’s only one president since 1953 who had a lower approval rating at this point in his presidency, according to Gallup. You guessed it, that would be Trump himself, whose approval rating was an abysmal 37 percent at this time in his administration, which is five points lower than Biden’s right now.

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