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We’re Rapidly Approaching the Trump/@Dril Singularity

After praising ISIS’s Internet acumen on Friday, the president clarified that there is “nothing to admire” about the terrorist organization

President Trump and Weird Twitter Superstar @dril

President Trump had ISIS on the brain Friday morning, tweeting that the terrorist organization “uses the Internet better than almost anyone.” He made sure to clarify he did not mean to praise ISIS. Though the group is trying “to show a glimmer of vicious hope” (?), the president wrote, they are actually “losers and barely breathing.”

As many have pointed out, the tweets bears a striking resemblance to a classic 2017 post from @dril, a Twitter account that Trump’s has long mirrored.

Many have attempted to “explain” @dril, but basically the account’s tweets are those of an Extremely Online shithead. Characteristically filled with grammatical errors, his posts are couched in so many layers of irony and oblique, self-referential bits that their appeal will be lost on anyone whose brain hasn’t been broken by the Internet. Regardless, @dril is considered to be a kind of Weird Twitter Svengali by his 1.3 million followers, and his tweets provide a strange meta-commentary on the world of detestable souls who live to post online. Or something.

Last week, Trump grappled with the fallout from the crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 by complaining that airline technology is advancing too quickly and that he doesn’t want Albert Einstein to be his pilot.

Again, there was a corresponding @dril tweet.

What does this all mean? Probably not much, although the similarities do highlight how Trump is exhibiting behavior characteristic of angry, semi-literate Internet users who feel like the world owes them something. It could also be taken an amusing indication that the president isn’t quite “normal” mentally, a point George Conway, husband to Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, has recently been belaboring on Twitter.

For more examples of the similarities between the president of the United States and a Twitter user who is intentionally trying to make himself appear as moronic as possible, New York magazine and the Daily Dot have published handy compendiums.

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