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Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Talks Donald Trump’s Super Tuesday

“He won that by appealing to [Arkansas’] much-coveted demo of 18-to-49 IQ points,” cigar-chomping political pundit says

Four-legged political pundit Triumph the Insult Comic Dog took a break from the campaign trail to stop by Katie Couric’s Yahoo! panel and shed some light on Donald Trump‘s Super Tuesday win, which came after yet another controversial week for the mogul. “[Trump] overcame a lot. All the other candidates were saying, ‘Trump doesn’t know who David Duke is,’ or he said it, and everyone attacked him for it,” Triumph said. “But then he explained himself. He said, ‘Look, I have a million white supremacists voting for me. how am I supposed to know them all by name?'”

Triumph also provided his insight as to why Trump managed to win in states like Arkansas. “He won that by appealing to that state’s much-coveted demo of 18-to-49 IQ points,” Triumph said. As for the petrified Chris Christie who stood behind Trump during the mogul’s victory speech, Triumph said, “I think it’s quite clear that Christie is going to get the job in Trump’s administration … as the wall [separating the U.S. and Mexico].”

Robert Smigel’s cigar-chomping puppet also teased the Democratic candidates, telling Couric that “a Super Tuesday for [Bernie] Sanders usually means he only went to the bathroom once in the middle of the night.”


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