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Tom Morello Responds to Occupy SXSW shutdown

‘The cops pulled the plug and the show got a lot louder,’ says Rage Against the Machine guitarist

SXSW, in some ways, has become overrun by corporate sponsorship – every website and energy drink and potato chip has their own showcase,” Tom Morello said yesterday at the Rolling Stone Rock Room day party. “I thought, in this day and age, the Occupy movement needed its own showcase.” Morello says he was pleased with how that gig went down, despite cops shutting it down at the end. “The idea was that we were going to have a people’s stage outside and a badge holder’s stage inside, and at the end of the concert I led the entire indoor audience outside to merge the crowds. We played Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is Your Land” and at the end of it, the cops pulled the plug and the show got a lot louder.”

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