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“Together We Can Kill This Bill!”

The Tea Party Patriots are up to their AstroTurf tricks again.

Check out this October 5 email to the Tea Party Patriot’s listserve — obtained by Rolling Stone — from Amy Kremer, who identifies herself as the Tea Party Patriots’ “Founder & National Coordinator.”

[Kremer, who was booted from the TPP board in September, nonetheless appears to have maintained an active role in leading the group.]

Kremer lays out elaborate marching orders for her “fellow patriots” to bombard the local state offices of potential swing Senators on a rotating basis. Kremer also instructs her followers to use the promise/threat of campaign contributions to sway the minds of wobbly senators. The goal, Kremer writes, is not to tweak health care reform or demand improvements in the legislation, it is simply to “kill the bill.”

From: Amy Kremer @gmail.com>

Date: Mon, 5 Oct 2009 03:14:52 -0400

Subject: Kill This Bill!

Greetings Fellow Patriots,

…We need to turn up the heat!

One of our messages over the next week needs to be No Vote for Cloture. *This means that if we can get one Senator of 60 not to vote for cloture, we can kill the bill!*

*Will you do your part to help convince them that this government takeover of health care is not good for the American people? * You can do your part and stand shoulder to shoulder with other Patriots this week by applying pressure to these 13 Senators.

We have made this easy for you. We have broken the country into five regions and the 13 Senators into five groups. Each day, you call and email the group of Senators that is assigned to your region of the country. This way, all 13 Senators will have a constant barrage of calls and emails all week. We need to make sure they feel the pressure daily.

It has been highly recommended that we target the Senators’ local district offices when calling, as the local offices are not used to getting pressure like the DC offices. When making your calls and sending your emails, please be sure to make four simple points:

– *No Government Takeover of Health Care*

– *No Public Option*

– *No Mandates*

– *No Vote for Cloture*

*Also, please email the Chief of Staff for each Senator!

One last point, when calling a Senator’ office from another state, you can tell them that their vote will effect all Americans. You can also let them know you will be happy to contribute to the campaign of their opponent the next time they are up for reelection!

Thanks for all you are doing to save our great capitalist society! *Together we can Kill This Bill!*



*Group #1* (Bayh, Bennet, Lieberman)

*Group #2 *(Nelson, Lincoln, Landrieu)

*Group #3* (Pryor, Warner, Begich)

*Group #4* (Byrd, Carper)

*Group #5* (Webb, Tester)

*REGIONS & Groups to Call by Day of Week*

North East (Mon/1, Tues/2, Wed/3, Thur/4, Fri/5)

South East (Mon/2, Tues/3, Wed/4, Thur/5, Fri/1)

Mid West (Mon/3, Tues/4, Wed/5, Thur/1, Fri/2)

North West (Mon/4, Tues/5, Wed/1, Thur/2, Fri/3)

South West (Mon/5, Tues/1, Wed/2, Thur/3, Fri/4)


Amy Kremer


Tea Party Patriots, Founder & National Coordinator (http://teapartypatriots.org)


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