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Today in Occupy Wall Street

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Members of the Occupy Wall Street community join Teamsters in front of the auction house Sotheby's to protest the lockout of union art handlers.

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Latest News

• The famously diffuse OWS movement is becoming more politically organized, with help from some of the country’s largest labor unions, opening a new chapter for the anti-Wall Street activists. [Washington Post]

•The owner of Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan fears the harm continued occupation could cause to its local business interests, but it’s not clear it can do anything to get the protesters out.  [AP]

• Relatedly, downtown New Yorkers angry at the continued presence of the Occupy Wall Street protesters aired their grievances at community board meeting Thursday. So many people showed up that the line to speak at the meeting wound its way outside the board’s office and into the street. [Politico]

• An Occupy Wall Street ad could actually air on TV, bringing the group’s message (such as it is) to a larger national audience. [The Atlantic]

• “The Dark Knight Rises” — a film featuring a fictional 1 percenter, Mr. Wayne, and his superhero alter ego, Batman — will begin filming in two weeks time on Wall Street, only a couple of blocks from Zuccotti Park. [NY Times]

• Republicans have put out the video criticizing Rep. Steve Israel, a prominent New York Democrat, for supporting the “Occupy Wall Street” movement. [NY Times]


• Occupy Wall Street is a rational response to a system that’s failed [TNR]
• But could the movement sink Obama’s re-election? [TNR]
• Whatever ultimately comes of the protests, they’ve pulled off something previous attempts failed – in making income inequality a national political issue [The New Yorker]
• It doesn’t matter that OWS doesn’t have specific demands yet; it’s already succeeded in changing the political conversation [Salon]

Occupy Wall Street Timeline

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