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Time to Vote!

Republican or Democrat or Independent, this is more than just another election…this is a battle for control of the direction of our country. The War on Terror, or whatever you want to call it, whether you support it or not, has galvanized world attention on us now…they will be watching to see whether we practice the same American style democracy at home that we proselytize overseas. Whether we reaffirm the current leadership or make a change, it’s never been more important to make a good collective showing.

True, there’s never been a U.S. congressional election decided by a single vote. You are extremely unlikely to singlehandedly swing your election one way or another with that voting lever. But this year, participation matters like never before. The time has come to show the world we stand behind this ideal of American democracy we keep talking about. So vote Republican, vote Democratic, vote Independent or write in SpongeBob Squarepants in protest, but for God’s sake come out to vote. Show the world we still believe in the promise of America…and sleep tonight knowing you’ve done your part.

Wondering where your polling place is? Find out right here.


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