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Tiffany Cross Melts GOP Apologist During Fiery Interview

“A lot of those people [who voted Republican] were QAnon supporters and white supremacists, are those the people you want in the GOP?” the host asked

MSNBC host Tiffany Cross brought on a Republican political strategist to discuss life after Donald Trump for the party, but it was apparent from the start that this man may have bitten off more than he could chew.

On Saturday morning Cross opened her questioning by asking Katon Dawson, former chairman of the South Carolina Republican party, what he thought his party needed to change post-Trump while also mentioning the nation’s changing ethnic demographics and the party’s appeal to white supremacists.

Dawson began by defending Trump and the GOP election successes at the state level, but Cross interrupted the happy talk throughout the interview with tough questions.

“A lot of those people [who voted Republican] were QAnon supporters and white supremacists, are those the people you want in the GOP?” Cross asked.

The political strategist said that the party needs to “move forward with policies, move past the personalities and talk about the successes [the GOP] had.”

Cross brought the conversion to the GOP and the topic of race. Holding nothing back, the host called the party her guest belongs to an “apologist, sympathizer and perpetrator of racist policies.”

“What about racism? I mean, there is no question now, I think, a lot of us have always known that the Republican Party is an apologist, sympathizer or perpetrator of racist policies,” Cross stated flatly.

Cross then pointed out that people of color watch her show and asked Dawson to address them.

“A disproportionate number of people of color watch this show,” Cross said. “What do you say to the rising majority of this country who looks at this party and says, ‘Yeah, you’re celebrating people who tried to seize the US Capitol? You’re saying Donald Trump is the face of your party?’ A lot of the folks who are elected officials kowtow to him the entire time. How can you speak to the rising majority of this country and convince them that that is not your ideology?”

“Or are you even interested in convincing them of that?” the host asked.

After some squabbling about whether or not some in the GOP celebrated the insurrection, Dawson went back to defending the GOP, claiming they’ve “increased minority participation.” And he bragged about adding “nine million new folks [to the party].”

But Cross made sure to have the last word by bringing fire before saying goodbye.

“Yeah, nine million new folks to welcome the QAnon supporter in the Capitol and members of Congress who are trying to bring guns on the House floor,” Cross added, “I don’t know if that’s something to celebrate, quite honestly.”

Cross concluded with: “Just one thing I want to point out. In 2008, you resigned from an all-white country club, preparing for the campaign to be a party chairman. And I think a microcosm of looking at the GOP is they did not know it was an all-white country club before. So now this 11th-hour appeal, I think it leaves a lot of people in question. And I invite you back to have this conversation many more times, because I do think people of color would love to have this conversation continue about how we move forward and unify the country. So thank you for joining me. I look forward to having you back.”

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