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Tiffany Cross Gives a Masterclass on How to Interview a Trump Sycophant

“Why would anybody who doesn’t support white supremacy listen to you carrying this president’s water?” the host asked

Tiffany Cross called out President Trump’s Diversity Coalition Executive Director Bruce LeVell for using the racist term “China virus” during a contentious interview on Saturday.

During the 20 minute-long battle on MSNBC, Cross continuously interrupted LeVell when he attempted to deflect, lie and filibuster on a slew of issues. The host debated LeVell on the president’s race-baiting, threatening to send federal officers into cities to supposedly quell violence, and the Trump administration’s attempts to change census protocols in order to disadvantage Democrats during congressional elections.

Cross started the interview holding nothing back—asking LeVell why would anyone who doesn’t support white supremacy listen to him: “On June 28, the president actually retweeted a video of some of his supporters shouting white power. I have to ask you, why would anybody in the community or people who don’t support white supremacy—why would they listen to you carrying this president’s water? You have the floor. Explain it to us.”

LeVell answered by first speaking to “a lot of chatter on Twitter” and then boasting about the pre-pandemic unemployment numbers for Black Americans, conveniently ignoring where those statistics currently stand.

“At the end of the day, the president’s record speaks for itself that people are not going to have amnesia from a few months ago,” LeVell said.

Cross fact-checked LeVell on Black unemployment.

“You said it speaks for itself. So let’s start with unemployment because this is a statistic Trump loves to tout. African-American unemployment rates right now reached 16.8 percent in May this year, the highest since March 2010,” Cross said. “Now, I will acknowledge prior to the corona crisis, there had been a consistent downward trend that actually began under President Barack Obama, which I’m sure you know.”

The host continued, “So I just want to be clear on the facts there. And you’re saying noise and that people won’t have amnesia, but a lot of this noise is coming directly from the president.”

Toward the last portion of the interview, Cross turned to Trump’s handling of the coronavirus. But when LeVell began his defense of the president, using the racist term “China virus” for COVID-19 that Trump himself often uses, the host blasted him.

Cross: You can’t sit here and expect the American people to believe that you believe that this president has handled this virus well. Is there anything that you think Donald Trump could have done differently? And if so, what is that?

LeVell: We as the country, Tiffany, we have done a marvelous job and a wonderful job combating this China virus that has taken over our economy.

Cross: So, I just want to correct you. You lead the diversity coalition and you’re calling, you’re using these racist terms like the China virus.

Levell defended himself by repeating “that’s where it came from.” To which Cross replied, “But I would no sooner say you have the MAGA virus than I would call this the China virus.”

“That’s ridiculous,” Cross continued. “And somebody leading the diversity coalition should know that’s clearly offensive to the Asian-American members of this community. It seems like an easy thing to not do as the head of the diversity coalition.”

Cross ended the interview with an expression of exasperation that, sadly, too many Americans can relate to.


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