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The Week’s Funniest Political Tweets

Sarah Palin at the Iowa State Fair

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Between the downgrade, the threat of a double-dip recession, the UK riots, and the carnival of rank ignorance an intolerance that is the GOP presidential race, you wouldn’t think there’s much to laugh about these days. But: turns out there’s plenty (basically, that stuff)! Here, via Twitter, some reality-based hilarity.

@pourmecoffee: “Iowa results shortly. At same time, Palin will jump the Grand Canyon in her bus – not for attention but to honor America.”

@whisper1111: “healthcare for seniors will be replaced by a flag pin with magic powers.”

@OTOOLEFAN: “Rick Perry fills that giant void of an America longing for a dumb, theocratic Texan to be POTUS.”

@BorowitzReport: “A Republican debate is like a live-action version of the DSM.”

@JohnFugelsang: “If Jesus returned to share his message it’d be hard to hear Him over the roar of US Christians calling him Socialist.”

@BorowitzReport: “Obama Unveils Official 2012 Slogan: ‘Did You See How Crazy Her Eyes Look?'”

@whisper111: “rick perry running for president… mexico builds a darn fence.”

@FrankConniff: “Rick Perry’s campaign slogan: “Rick Perry: The GOP Asshole You’re A Little Less Sick Of.”

@whisper1111:GOP wants a candidate they can sit down at a bar with and plan to push seniors down the stairs

@TheOnion: “Pawlenty Supporters Can Only Dream What It Would Have Been Like If Candidate Dropped Out 2 Months Later”


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