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The Week’s Funniest Political Tweets

sad broker

Mario Tama/Getty Images

Between the downgrade, the threat of a double-dip recession, the UK riots, and the carnival of rank ignorance an intolerance that is the GOP presidential race, you wouldn’t think there’s much to laugh about these days. But: turns out there’s plenty (basically, that stuff)! Here, courtesy of Twitter, some reality-based amusement:

@pourmecoffee: Brett Baier: In your closing remarks, please insult Obama and briefly highlight your own unique brand of extremism.

@TheInDecider: 9 million Americans watched Jersey Shore last week, a statistic that was cited by S&P as the primary cause of the credit downgrade.

@TheOnion: New GOP Strategy Involves Reelecting Obama, Making His Life Even More Miserable

@pourmecoffee: Romney: What do you believe? Guess what? I have believed, or do believe, or will believe that, too.

@TheInDecider : Every single one of these candidates should be asked if they would be submissive to Marcus Bachmann.

@JaysonLKaplan: You’d think someone with as few ideas as Michelle Bachmann would be anti-lightbulb.

@TheInDecider: Is that the Michele Bachmann Newsweek cover or a painting that follows Scooby Doo with it’s eyes?

@KagroX: Stop bothering Sarah Palin! Can’t she take a damn vacation… on a bus… to the Iowa State Fair… where all the candidates are… ?

@FrankConniff: Rick Perry joining GOP race. A religious nut-job entering a field of religious nut-jobs will really shake things up.

@BorowitzReport: The ballot at the Iowa Straw Poll is like a menu at the worst restaurant on Earth.

@TheOnion: Consumers Now Required To Seek Treasury Department Approval On All Purchases Over $50

@ApocalypseHow: Honestly, I think the greater technical feat would be Newsweek shooting a photo of Michele Bachmann NOT looking crazy.


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