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The Romney Whisper Mystery

We're linking to this over on the Video Feed too, but I just couldn't pass up a chance to weigh in on the whisper-assist to Romney in last night's debate.

Tim Russert is asking Romney whether he'd do what Reagan did to solidify Social Security. Romney looks a little non-plussed until there's an audible whisper from somewhere "…raised taxes," after which Romney immediately starts in "I'm not going to raise taxes…."

Watch it:

So many questions. Whose voice was that? The only innocuous explanation I can figure out is that one of the other candidates had a live mike and whispered it to themselves. But I think MSNBC and Romney owe us all an explanation.

Recalls "the bulge" from the Bush/Kerry debates doesn't it?

UPDATE: MSNBC keeps offering up iffy explanations, the latest of which is that it was a live mike in the crowd that picked up an audience member, whose prompt was heard by no one on stage.


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