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The Price of Loyalty

Josh Green at the Atlantic has an exquisitely fair-minded piece today providing an inside look at the firing of Hillary Clinton’s “alter ego,” campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle. Together with Michelle Cottle’s gripping read in the New Republic, Green’s story provides a grim look into the sausage factory known as “Hillaryland.”

You really ought to read the whole thing. But this passage, following a meditation on Solis Doyle’s Brownie-an mismanagement of Clinton’s $30 million 2006 senate campaign war chest, should give all progressives pause:

Rather than punish Solis Doyle or raise questions about her fitness to lead, Clinton chose her to manage the presidential campaign for reasons that should now be obvious: above all, Clinton prizes loyalty and discipline, and Solis Doyle demonstrated both traits, if little else. This suggests to me that for all the emphasis Clinton has placed on executive leadership in this campaign, her own approach is a lot closer to the current president’s than her supporters might like to admit.


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