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The Most Obnoxious Thing on the Internet This Month

Not that it’s so terribly meaningful in the grand scheme of things, but for sheer comedy value, I had to mention this recent communique from the 9/11 Truth movement with regard to the Ground Zero Mosque.

The instant this Mosque fiasco turned into a full-blown media circus it became clear that the Truthers had to come up with some sort of position on the matter. From their point of view, of course, there’s nothing terribly offensive about putting a Mosque at Ground Zero because, after all, the Muslims and al Qaeda had nothing to do with 9/11. Instead it was George Bush, Dick Cheney, the CIA, the Mossad, the Council of Foreign Relations and whoever else was hanging out behind the conspiratorial curtain.

Thus the consensus Truther view toward the GZ Mosque ranges from indifference to support to something a little beyond support. I had this letter from forwarded to me last night, an open letter to Mayor Bloomberg entitled “Build a Mega-Mosque ON Ground Zero to Atone for 9/11 Inside job!”

The author is a Truther and former Fullbright scholar from Wisconsin named Kevin Barrett who at one point was a professor at UW but left amid controversy over his lunatic-ass views. (I love the fact that the last course he was scheduled to teach at Wisconsin was on The Canterbury Tales). Barrett starts out by pointing out the huge percentages of the worldwide Muslim population believe 9/11 was an inside job, then adds that the Mosque should be turned into a kind of museum of American treachery:

The best means of repentance and reparation, in my view, would be for the U.S. government to fund and build a new mosque at Ground Zero covering the entire World Trade Center site, with twin minarets looming above in memory of the Twin Towers’ destruction by genocidal Islamophobes. The minarets should be more than 700 feet in height, which would make the new structure the world’s tallest mosque.

He goes on. Note the excellent suggestion that the Mosque should house an “unflattering wax figurine” of former 9/11 landlord Larry Silverstein:

This mosque should house a 9/11 Truth Museum documenting the evidence that 9/11 was carried out by U.S. and Israeli insiders, not Muslims. It could include such artifacts as the laughably bogus “last will and testament of Mohammed Atta,” pieces of airplane wreckage from earlier crashes that were planted at the alleged 9/11 crash sites, WTC structural steel samples showing melting and evaporation caused by explosives, videos and other objects seized from the Israeli Mossad team that filmed and celebrated their colleagues’ destruction of the World Trade Center, unflattering wax figures of such 9/11 villains as Dick Cheney, Larry Silverstein, and Benjamin Netanyahu, and samples of nanothermite-laden World Trade Center dust.

So not only should there be a Mosque at Ground Zero, the Mosque should include an unflattering and undoubtedly absurdly anti-Semitic wax caricature of the Towers’ Jewish landlord. If that isn’t the “This one goes to eleven” moment of conspiratorial quackery, I’m not sure what is. If anyone else has found something more offensive in the Ground Zero discussion, let me know, but for now this is my clubhouse leader.


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