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The Meaningless Presidency of Gerald Ford, May He Rest in Peace

America’s most forgettable president since Millard Fillmore has died.

Can’t we just leave it at that?

Gerald Ford was a good man, who probably didn’t deserve the ruthless parodies he suffered at the hands of Chevy Chase, but his meaningless half term in office merits little of the post-mortem cud chewing we’re now suffering in this pre-new-year’s news lull.

His placekeeper presidency was followed by a quiet, private, irrelevant retirement.

The fact that “Ford Disagreed With Bush About Invading Iraq,” would have been totally un-newsworthy if the man were still alive. But now that he’s dead his Monday-morning quarterbacking is front-page news.

Perhaps if he had used his ex-presidential platform to speak out prior to the invasion of Iraq, this might have been interesting, even important. But Ford’s from-the-grave “I wouldnta done that” is just about as uninteresting as the fact that he almost fired Henry Kissenger:

“I often thought, maybe I should say:’Okay, Henry. Goodbye,'” Ford said, laughing. “But I never got around to that.”

Perhaps in another life president Ford could have built a legacy beyond the controversial pardon of his predecesor. But, well, he never got around to that.


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