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The McCain Game Plan

Call it an educated hunch.

I think we’re seeing the seeds of the broader national security narrative that will be front and center by November.

McCain will paint Obama as a Hamas sympathizing, Ahmadinejad-coddling neophyte, a narrative that will dovetail nicely with the feverswamp’s frenzied and unhinged portrayal of Obama as an America-hating, Muslimy Marxist.

Simultaneously the drums of the Bush war cabinet will pound us closer and closer to the brink with Iran. Call me conspiratorial, but I think the shift of David “New Jesus” Petraeus from Iraq commander to Centcom commander is part of a broader strategy to shift the focus off of Iraq and back onto the broader “Islamofacist” threat, which also includes Syria, that builder of North Korean reactors.

For McCain national security is the only game he’s got — and the goal will be to change the conversation so that we’re no longer talking about the economy, or even who is the best man to resolve the war in Iraq, but rather who has the mettle and the experience to stare down Iran’s “increasingly lethal and malign influence.”


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