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The Mass Media’s Mutiny on Bush: Pandering?

Fall 2006 may be remembered as the pivotal moment when the talking heads of America came out against the Iraq War and its architects. But we can all remember the media’s servile posture of years past. Rolling Stone’s own Culture Warrior, Matt Taibbi, has this to say:

CNN and the rest of the networks did great business in the run-up to the war. They had artists cooking up fancy new “America’s New War” graphics and they were selling lawn fertilizer and soda and male-enhancement drugs by the metric ton right up to the time when the Saddam statue came down. But the war isn’t selling anymore; the war is a bummer. And so these guys are changing their minds.

Have babbling, pseudo-centrists like Wolf Blitzer and Letterman experienced a collective, anti-war epiphany — or are they merely swaying in the winds with the political climate? Check out Taibbi’s weekly online-only column and let us know how you feel…even if you’re a smug ex-weatherman with a talent for top ten lists.


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