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The Latest from Occupy Oakland’s General Strike

general strike oaklandgeneral strike oakland

Demonstrators with the Occupy movement gather for a general strike today in Oakland, California.

Eric Thayer/Getty Images

Occupy Wall Street protesters upped their game today with an effort to “shut down” Oakland by way of a “general strike.” How’s it working out? Well, as you may have heard, local labor leaders, while professing sympathy for the cause, declined to join in, which was a blow. The busy port of Oakland remains open, Reuters reports, though there’ve been reports of longshoremen staying off the job in solidarity. By and large, though, says Reuters, it’s been business as usual in the Bay Area City. One big exception: About 1,000 demonstrators blocked traffic at the intersection of 14th street and Broadway in downtown Oakland, where last week ex-Marine Scott Olsen suffered a serious head injury when police and demonstrators clashed, prompting charges of police brutality. (Olsen remains in hospital in fair condition.) The situation remains fluid.

In other OWS news:

• About 100 uniformed military veterans, outraged by the attack on Olsen last week (see above), joined the OWS protest by marching through Manhattan.   [AP]

• New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg caused a shitstorm with his ridiculous remark that demonstrators should blame Congress, not Wall Street. (That said, he was only half-wrong. Congress and Wall Street are both to blame.) [Politico]

• In the face of a mighty popular backlash, London’s St. Paul’s Cathedral has decided not to evict Occupy protesters after all.  [Wall Street Journal]

• Interactive Map: Occupy Arrests, from Oakland to Denver to Austin [Mother Jones]

• Occupy Wall Street has raised more than half-a-million dollars in just seven weeks, causing headaches – that is, disagreements – about what to spend the money on. [Reuters]

How OWS protesters should respond to escalating violence [Slate]

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