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The Gift of John McCain

There’s no knocking the McCain campaign. Like it or loathe it, it has found its stride with the pugnacious Steve Schmidt at the helm.

But McCain himself is the biggest danger to his candidacy.

First he said it was “not too important” when our troops come home. Then he froze up when asked a simple question about contraception. Yesterday he said in response to a question of how many homes he and his wife own — “You’ll have to ask my staff.” (Audio here.) And then his staff responded “at least four” when the true answer is at least seven.

Seriously, I know it’s different when you’ve got that kind of coin. But to lose track of the number of dwellings in your possession is just preposterous. We’re not talking shares of Microsoft. We’re talking houses and condos. Places you spend the night. Worse: This issue of his houses has been burbling ever since he unveiled his Paris Hilton attack. That he could get caught flat footed without a witty rejoinder — “It’s roughly a six-pack,” or whatever — just underscores what a bubble the dude remains in.

Needless to say, Obama’s having some fun with this:


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