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The Democrats’ Latin Flavor

There’s no debating it.

Hillary’s Spanish language ad beats Obama’s hands down. The little kid giving his thumbs up at the end is one of the more charming moments in the history of the political ad wars.

“¡Estamos contigo!”

“Soy Barack Obama y apruebo este mensaje”

It’s interesting to note the contrasting themes from the two candidates: Hillary’s ad is all about tapping into the economic fears of Hispanic voters — the lack of heath insurance, etc. — and fundamentally about what Hillary can do for them.

Obama’s tack is to appeal to Latinos as strivers — the hopes for a brighter future that brought first generation Hispanics to America are the same hopes embodied by the Obama campaign. I wonder if it’s a little too ethereal. And whether the laundry list of professions of “ordinary people” shoe-horned in the middle of the ad — construction workers, homemakers, cooks, etc. — doesn’t come off as a little… condescending somehow.

If this is Obama’s best shot at the Latino vote, I think he may be hard pressed to carve out much of Hillary’s core support.


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