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The Beck Doctrine

Just so we’re clear about the caliber of thinking Glenn Beck brings to the table, here’s a choice passage from the book Common Sense, you know, the one Chuck Grassley was passing around to the town brawlers:

I have claimed, at various times, that socialism and fascism have been on the rise for two administrations now. Call it whatever you want, but common sense will not allow you to claim that it has resemblance to the system our Founders put together. —pg. 22

And another:

Our collective experience since the Founding has taught us that all governments of every stripe are fascist in nature. They will gobble up as much money, resources, and people as possible unless adequately checked. Governments are never static; they always grow. Communism, fascism, socialism, imperialism, and statism are all different ends accomplished through the same means: totalitarian, absolute government control over the individual. All of these ‘isms’ simply reflect the mistaken belief that progressively larger governments are need to address our problems. —pg. 58

Now you know where the Obama-Is-a-Socialist-Nazi cohort are getting their talking points.

As David Frum told me of Beck recently:

Glenn Beck offers pure alienation. Limbaugh denounces Democrats. Beck denounces politicians. Limbaugh is at least a little bit in the solutions business. That is to say, Limbaugh thinks if taxes were lower and the economy were more deregulated, things would be better. That’s not the point of Glenn Beck. He’s advocating a completely different approach: That there’s a dominant outside world that is hostile and alien and threatening.

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