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Thanks and Praises

Rolling Stone articles don’t come with footnotes or bibliographies, so I would like to take a moment on the blog to give a big shout out to other journalists whose path breaking work on the administration’s do-nothing climate policies and ties to industry informed my investigation in the latest Rolling Stone.

Thanks, first and foremost, to the New York Times‘ great Andy Revkin. No journalist has contributed more on a day-to-day basis to the public knowledge of the administration’s recklessness on climate than Revkin, who deserves a medal for the expose about Phil Cooney’s editing that sent him scurrying back to industry. Revkin also deserves credit for first reporting on the existence of several internal documents — including the memo highlighting the EPA’s internal rebellion over CEQ’s proposed changes to the global warming section of the Draft Report on the Environment — that have only recently been made public by congressional investigators. (He’s also in an awesome blues roots band, Uncle Wade.)

Thanks also to the national treasure who is Ron Suskind, first to point to Cheney’s fingerprints on the decision to reverse Bush’s CO2-cap pledge in his book with Paul O’Neill, the Price of Loyalty. It’s still amazing to me that the same vice president who took this country to war on the basis of the One Percent Doctrine (see also Suskind’s book of the same name) — the idea that we should spill blood and treasure to prevent a “low probability high-impact event” like a terrorist getting a nuke from Saddam — could be barraged by unequivocal intelligence that global warming presents a high probability high consequence scenario, and still decide to do jack shit.

Three cheers as well to Chris Mooney, whose award winning expose in Mother Jones documented Exxon’s multi-million dollar disinformation campaign to sow doubt about global warming. His crucial book length meditation on climate and other environmentally sensitive topics is The Republican War on Science, now in paperback. His brand new book on global warming and hurricanes is Storm World.
Finally a tip of the cap to crusading muckraker Ross Gelbspan who has owned this beat since the mid 1990s, and whose clarion calls for action are now finding the wider audience they have long deserved. Buy his books, The Heat Is On and Boiling Point here.

Thanks also to the House Oversight committee, and to the FOIA filers from across the political spectrum, from Greenpeace to the global warming denying CEI. This story wouldn’t have been possible without the documents you demanded.


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