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Tempests, Teapots: Much Ado, Literally, About Nothing

I think when all is said and done, Bruce Springsteen’s endorsement of Obama today will have had a bigger impact than the umpteenth/twentysomethingth Democratic debate.

Obama looked tired. Clinton looked bright and cheery. The standing-at-podium format predicted a fight night, and fight night we got. But the fight was about Jeremiah Wright and Tuzla and William Why-Can’t-We-Get-Over-The-Fucking-Sixties-And-Move-On-Already Ayers.

Which is a shame. Because on the issues Clinton was clearly sharper. But her whole smiley-happy-Lee-Attwater/Giuliani-9/11! routine utterly detracted from her superior clarity on questions like how the U.S. might react to an attack of Iran on Israel.

The blogosphere is in revolt against the venality of ABC, chattering about whether Sean Hannity spoon-fed the Ayers question to Georgie S.

Which is perhaps the predictable consequence of holding a nationally televised debate in prime time, after 4/5ths of America has already voted.

This whole affair reminded me of an ugly, poorly officiated, late season NBA game that won’t affect the playoff standings. And you ask yourself: Why did I just waste 90 minutes of my life on that?


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