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Taibbi on Olbermann: ‘I Don’t Totally Root Against the Tea Party’

Appeared on the Olbermann show last night, see below. Also, a quick note: I watched the O’Donnell debate on Wednesday and had one of those General Kurtz hit-me-like-a-diamond-bullet moments, similar to the first time I saw Obama speak and knew he would be the Democratic nominee someday. I don’t think O’Donnell will ever win major office in this country, but after she loses this Senate race she’s going to be a factor somewhere in 2012. She might be next season’s Mike Huckabee. I’m seeing 15 minutes of primary buzz followed by a long TV career on Fox — The Christine O’Donnell Queen Donkey-Brains Flour Hour or something. The woman is completely meshugge, but she’s good on TV and the look on her face is like she just can’t believe how much she’s digging all this attention. I kept expecting a little Christine O’Donnell to pop out of big Christine’s ear, stand on her shoulder, throw up some Home Alone hands to her face, and say, “This is so AWESOME! Ask me something else, I dare you!” She’ll be back, right? There’s no way this is the end.


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