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Taibbi on Imus: How Municipal Bond-Rigging Robbed Americans of Billions

I appeared on Imus in the morning this morning …. The I-Man roped me into a discussion about Roger Clemens, never a good situtation for an embittered Red Sox fan like myself.

Also, for those interested, keep your eye out this weekend for the Bill Moyers Show. I joined the always-excellent Yves Smith for a segment on “How Big Banks Victimize Our Democracy.” In any case here’s video from the Imus segment:

Check in here in the next few days for a follow up to my new story online, “The Scam Wall Street Learned From the Mafia.” I spent months working on a piece on this fascinating topic – a nationwide bid-rigging scam in the municipal bond markets that involved virtually every major bank in America (and some in Europe). If you haven’t read the piece, it’s online now; I have some material that I had to leave out that I’ll be putting online in the next few days.

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