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Obama Official Susan Rice Slams Trump for ‘Totally Gross’ Hug

The former national security advisor blasted the president for an unwanted hug back in 2015

After President Barack Obama’s former National Security Advisor Susan Rice appeared on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, President Donald Trump went after her on Twitter. So Trump was either watching the program, which airs at 10:00 PM ET, live or was informed that while Rice was plugging her new book, she was also critical of his recent decisions in Syria.

Just as the program ended, Trump took to Twitter and blasted Rice, writing, “Susan Rice, who was a disaster to President Obama as National Security Advisor, is now telling us her opinion on what to do in Syria. Remember RED LINE IN THE SAND? That was Obama. Millions killed! No thanks Susan, you were a disaster.”

Rice, as she showed during the Maher interview, was sharp and ready to retort the president’s criticism. Only minutes after Trump’s tweet, Rice took to Twitter herself and slammed the president for not only his hypocrisy but also for an unwanted hug during the 2015 White House Correspondents’ Dinner that she called “totally gross.”

“Then why did you come up and hug me at 2015 WHCD when I’d never met you (which was totally gross) and whisper in my ear that I had been ‘very unfairly treated’ over Benghazi and ‘was doing a great job for the country’?” Rice wrote.

On the show, Maher asked Rice where the situation with Turkey, Syria and Kurds is heading, and she answered, “It’s going nowhere good.”

Rice continued, “What Trump has done in Iraq, and now Syria, is, in effect, cede a portion of northern Syria, Kurdish homeland, to the Turks. And to evacuate the Americans as if it’s, you know, his Saigon. We’ve left our Turkish allies homeless. They’re now going to scatter throughout the region.”

Rice said Trump’s actions in Syria worked in ways that would benefit those who are not friendly to America. “We’ve given Assad and Putin and the Iranians a green light to take over that territory that they’ve been long wanting to take. And ISIS is going to come back,” Rice warned.

With a steady stream of scandals now surrounding this president, his heightened awareness of all things said about him seems to show his growing insecurity. In comparison to the other criticism Trump takes on a daily basis, this Rice interview was rather tame. Yet, Trump could not help himself. He lashed out, as he so often does, and Rice was ready with a response that brought back into focus a topic that gets lost because of all his never-ending White House controversies — the president of the United States is a creeper.


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