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This Supercut Shows Just How Bizarre a Single Trump Fox Interview Can Be

Rapid-fire lies, attacks and an overabundance of false bravado in less than four minutes

This Supercut Shows Just How Bizarre a Single Trump Fox Interview Can BeThis Supercut Shows Just How Bizarre a Single Trump Fox Interview Can Be


On Thursday, the president continued his post-Walter Reed call-in interview tour with Trump-friendly hosts who offer no pushback to his lies, attacks and boasts.

Today’s stooge, Fox Business’ Stuart Varney, allowed Trump to ramble for most of the 42-minute interview, making sure that when he did interject it was only to toss the president one softball question after another.

Here’s a rundown of some of the wild things the president said:

Trump attacked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi saying, “She has a lot of mental problems.”

Trump said that the reason there hasn’t been an agreement with Democrats on a new stimulus package is the fault of “radical left people who’ve lost their minds.”

Trump attacked Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, who recently learned her life was in danger when federal agents uncovered a militant plot to kidnap her. “She wants to be a dictator in Michigan, and the people can’t stand her,” the president said.

Trump spread the false conspiracy that Democrats are exaggerating Covid-19 shutdowns and restrictions to hurt his reelection chances: “They’ll open up [states] on November 4th. They are only doing it for politics.”

Trump said he’s been tested for the virus “a lot” as he touted the experimental drugs given to him after testing positive. He called medicine made by Regeneron a “cure, not as a therapeutic.” But then he contradicted himself, saying, “Maybe I would have been better without something. I don’t know.”

Trump, without any proof, called Joe Biden “a totally corrupt politician.” He added, “He has been [corrupt] all his life.”

Trump went on to extoll the virtues of Kayleigh McEnany. The president called the White House press secretary, who lies to the American people on a daily basis, “an honorable and incredible person.”

Trump whined about recent attempts by social media tech companies to curtail fake news from spreading on their platforms by calling Twitter and Facebook “a third arm, maybe a first arm, of the Democratic Party — a radical left movement… It’s like a massive campaign contribution.”

The president continued, “That’s the biggest problem our country had. It’s not with the right, it’s with the left. The radical left is the biggest, antifa, and that scum is the thing that is hurting our country.”

Trump then boasted: “I’ve done more in three-and-a-half years than any other presidency in the history of our country.” Hilariously, he added, “And nobody even challenges me on that.”

The president then confusingly claimed he didn’t read a recent report about Hunter Biden because he’s “reading a lot of other things, like we’ve rebuilt our military.”

Trump said with Democrats in power, “You won’t have gasoline for your car.”

Trump said he’s made middle-income people “more money in three years” than the past administration “did in eight years.” Again the president provided zero proof of that claim.

“We’ve been affected less by the pandemic than any other major country in the world,” Trump said. This is, of course, patently absurd. The United States has seen nearly 8 million cases of Covid-19, the most out of any other country on the planet. More than 215,000 Americans have died.

Trump said, without evidence, that he has immunity now that he’s free of the virus: ”I hear, anywhere from four months to lifetime.”

The president amplified a false claim, which he likely got from the right-wing site Breitbart, saying that the CDC is reporting that 85 percent of those who wear masks get infected with Covid-19.

“CDC comes out with a statement that 85 percent of the people wearing masks catch it,” Trump said. “Did you see that yesterday? They came out. What’s that all about?”

Trump callously used the word “beatings” as he spoke about an increase in domestic violence during the pandemic.

The president then bragged about possibly being the first to use the phrase: “the cure cannot be worse than the disease” during the pandemic.

Trump attacked New York, calling it “a disgrace” and adding, “All you do in New York is get taxed and you get investigated.”

The president said Joe Biden “is shot. Mentally shot. Everybody knows it.”

Trump explained that when polling shows him “five [points] down,” he’s actually “ten [points] up.”

Trump repeated the false brag that, “There has never been an administration that’s done so well.” He called “the media is the enemy of the people” and falsely claimed that “most people thought” he “won the first debate.” And he said that America is “rounding the turn on the pandemic.”

Finally, Trump did say something truthful toward the end of the interview: “We can’t have a president who obviously isn’t very sharp.”

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