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Super Tuesday Part IV

Because February 5th, March 4th, and April 22nd clearly weren’t grand enough opportunities to lock up the Democratic nomiation, today’s primaries in North Carolina and Indiana are now, according to the candidates, the “decisive” contests in this Bataan Death March…er…endless electoral process.

Or not. That would be too easy!

Two months ago, Hillary’s campaign looked crispy-fried. The math seemed insurmountable for the remaining contests, as Newsweek‘s Jonathan Alter went through painstaking measures to convey. Obama, it was assumed, would win handily among Tar Heels and Hoosiers, his neighbors to the east, crushing Clinton once and for all.

But the consensus now is that today will be a political “Groundhog Day,” yielding six more weeks of campaigning. Clinton is apt to take Indiana and Obama North Carolina. So with no clear victor, the dynamics of the race remain largely unchanged.

Six states are left to go after today, ending with South Dakota and Montana on June 3rd. Maybe we can wrap this into a neat little package by then?


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